The Partido de la Democracia Cristiana (Christian Democracy Party) is a conservative party which has won two Presidential elections before the 1965 coup. They have not won a Presidential election since 1986, but control 2 states, and therefore is a Senate party. They also have 27 seats in the House of Deputies.

It is led by Governor Eduardo Duhalde of Argentina, the party's longest serving Governor, and was Presidential candidate in 2006. He was runner-up gaining 35% of the primary vote losing to President Bachelet.

Stances on issues Edit

Social issues Edit

  • Abortion: Strongly oppose
  • Capital punishment: Strongly support
  • Church/state: Support for Christianity, and indigenous religious
  • Crime: Criminals should be punished to the fullest extent possible
  • Drugs: Should be illegal
  • Education: Publically funded
  • Euthanasia: Oppose
  • Gay adoption: Strongly oppose
  • Gay marriage: Strongly oppose
  • Gun control: Strongly oppose
  • Healthcare: Publically funded for the poor
  • Pornography: Should be illegal
  • Prostitution: Should be illegal

Economic issues Edit

  • Business regulation: Necessary to curb the excesses of capitalism
  • Environmental protection: God's creation must be protected
  • Slave labor: Strongly oppose
  • Social welfare: Strongly favour
  • Subsidies to business: Oppose
  • Taxation: Progressive income taxation
  • Trade: Free trade with friendly nations
  • Workers' rights: Support the rights of workers

Foreign policy Edit

  • Diplomacy: A strongly pro-American, anti-communist foreign policy
  • Foreign aid: Support
  • Immigration: Support restrictions on immigration
  • Military: Should be strong enough to defend the nation and its interests
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