The PLS is a social-democratic party, which is a member of the Socialist International. The party has struggled hard to maintain its base, and overcome the stigmas associated with the economic failures of the Ibanez government, and holding a similar ideology to Latin America's two leftist military juntas (Ongania, and Banzer) to regain the trust of the population.

The party is currently led by Evo Morales, from the State of Bolivia. He was the party's unsuccessful Presidential candidate in 2006, and currently holds no Federal elected office.

The party currently controls the state governments of Bolivia, Paraguay, and Ecuador.

Stances on issues Edit

Social issues Edit

  • Abortion: Strongly support
  • Capital punishment: Strongly oppose
  • Church/state: Separation of church and state, churches monitored to see that they do not spread hate and bigotry
  • Crime: Criminals should be punished, but the state must also deal with the root causes of crime
  • Drugs: Should be illegal
  • Education: An entirely state-run system will ensure equal education for rich and poor
  • Euthanasia: Support
  • Gay adoption: Strongly support
  • Gay marriage: Strongly support
  • Gun control: Strongly support
  • Healthcare: Universal state healthcare
  • Pornography: Legal, but highly regulated
  • Prostitution: Should be illegal, as it is exploitative of women

Economic issues Edit

  • Business regulation: Necessary in the interests of the people
  • Environmental protection: Strong regulation and government supervision is necessary to ensure environmental protection
  • Slave labor: Strongly oppose
  • Social welfare: Strongly favour
  • Subsidies to business: Oppose
  • Taxation: Progressive income taxation
  • Trade: "Fair trade" with friendly nations
  • Workers' rights: Support the rights of workers, if necessary use government force to make corporations comply

Foreign policy Edit

  • Diplomacy: A generally neutral foreign policy, but with support for socialist and democratic governments
  • Foreign aid: Support strongly
  • Immigration: Open immigration
  • Military: Should be strong enough to defend the nation and its interests, contributions to UN taskforces, and peacekeeping missions. Humanitarian missions important.
Confederate States of Latin America
General: Confederate States of Latin America, Economy of the ECAL, Justice and Law in the ECAL, President Michelle Bachelet, Presidency
Political: Partido Republicano Constitucional, Partido Laborista Socialista, Partido de la Democracia Cristiana
Military: Fuerzas Armadas, Armada, Ejercito, Fuerza Aerea, Infanteria de Marina, Guardia Nacional
Military Aircraft: FMA SAIAL 90, A-4AL Fightinghawk
Armoured Vehicles: TLAM Medium Tank, TLAP Main Battle Tank
Warships: Ship Profiles, Ardiente and Valeroso class destoyers

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