Operation Lamprey was an Australian military operation to quell an insurgency movement on Bougainville.

Order of Battle - first phaseEdit

  • D Company, 2 Royal Pacific Island Regiment
  • Mortar Platoon, Support Company, 2 Royal Pacific Island Regiment
  • Mountain Troop, 3 Squadron, Special Air Service Regiment
  • 4 Bell 212 Helicopters, Australasian Helicopters Pty Ltd

Order of Battle - second phaseEdit

Australian ArmyEdit

  • Headquarters, Bougainville Task Force
  • 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment
  • 4th Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
    • X Company, 10th/27th Battalion, Royal South Australia Regiment
    • Y Company, 41st Battalion, Royal New South Wales Regiment
    • Z Company, 25th/49th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment
  • 6/13th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (M2A2 105mm Howitzer)
  • A Sabre Squadron, Waikato Mounted Rifles (M113A1)
  • A Flight, 161st Squadron, 8th Aviation Regiment (CA-32 Kiowa)
  • B Squadron, 7th Aviation Regiment (UH-1H Iroquois)
  • C Flight, 173rd Squadron, 6th Aviation Regiment (PC-6 Turbo Porter)
  • 11th Combat Services Support Battalion
  • 144th Signals Squadron
  • 18th Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers
  • Boat Troop, 2 Squadron, Special Air Service of New Zealand

Royal Australian Air ForceEdit

  • B Flight, 38 Squadron (DHC-4 Caribou)
  • (104 Squadron - airhead between RAAF Port Moresby and Bougainville - C-130H Hercules)

Royal Australian NavyEdit

  • HMAS Kanimbla - Logistical support (not normally commanded by task force)
  • HMAS Newcastle
  • HMAS Armidale
  • HMAS Hawea
  • HMAS Tarangau
  • HMAS Dreger
  • HMAS Melville

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