Marine de la République australienne
Australian Navy

The Australian Naval Ensign

Founded 26 January 1908
Country Australia
Branch Navy
Part of Forces armées de la République australienne
Naval Headquarters Bonaparte
Size 80 ships, about 25,000 personnel
Chief of the Naval Staff Vice-amiral d'escadre
Ship classes
Aircraft carriers Clemenceau class
Air defence Frigates Horizon class, Cassard class
Anti-submarine Frigates Georges Leygues class, Tourville class
Patrol Frigates La Fayette class, Floréal class
Corvettes D'Estienne d'Orves class
Submarines Scorpène class
Patrol craft L'Audacieuse class
Amphibious ships Mistral class, Ouragan class, Champlain class, Sabre class, Rapière class
Auxiliaries Durance class
Aircraft flown
Fighter/Ground Attack Dassault Super Etendard
Naval Helicopter Lynx, Dauphin, Panther, Alouette III
Patrol/ASW Aircraft Atlantique 2, Breguet Alizé, Falcon 50
AEW Aircraft E-1T Turbo Tracer
Transport Aircraft C-1T Turbo Trader

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