The Ejercito del los Estados Confederados is the land combat arm of the Confederate States of Latin America. It operates large expeditionary, and fixed land forces to accomplish its mission of defending the interests, allies, people, and Constitution of the ECAL.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Army is President Michelle Bachelet. She controls the Army through the Secretary of Defence (Ramon Diaz), who in turn works through the Seceretary of the Army (Pedro Alvirez).

The Army has tended to be neglected by the government, being relegated to using obsolete equipment. The EEC, for example, retired its last M4 Sherman tanks in 1979. The Army still has large numbers of Leopard tanks, and UH-1 helicopters. Since the late 1970's the Army has gradually modernised, and indigenous equipment was introduced. Today it is regarded as a highly advanced Army. The Army has persued technological advancement in a curious way. While a lot of its capital equipment is quite old, Latin America has kept ahead of most of the world on network centric warfare, and battlefield management.

The Army's military commander is General de Ejercito Roberto Rodriguez.

Combat BrigadesEdit

  • 5 Armoured Brigades
  • 9 Mechanised Brigades
  • 15 Infantry Brigades
  • 2 Airborne Brigades
  • 3 Air-Mobile Brigades
  • 6 Reserve Infantry Brigades
  • 2 Reserve Mechanised Brigades

Special ForcesEdit

The EEC has several special operations forces in its Special Forces Command (Comando de Fuerzas Especiales). The EEC identifies four distinct types of special operations force. Long range raiding forces, counter terrorist forces, long range reconnaissance units, and "foreign internal defence". The latter means aiding, leading, advising, and training foreign military forces (either regular or irregular), as well as preserving the direct action capability of other special military units.

Agrupacion de Fuerzas de Operaciones EspecialesEdit

The Agrupacion de Fuerzas de Operaciones Especiales (Special Operatinos Forces Group) is primarily "foriegn internal defence" unit. It consists of a six groups (Grupos de Operaciones Especiales). This unit is comprable to the Green Berets in the 1960's.

Batallon de Fuerzas ContraterroristasEdit

The BFC is a counter terrorist unit. They are stationed in team groups around the ECAL and are ready to respond to any emergency. It is comprable to Delta Force.

Regimientos de ComandosEdit

The two Commando Regiments is a raiding unit. They perform raids in strength against objectives behind enemy lines. It is comprable to the US Ranger Battalions.

Unidad de Cazadores EspecialesEdit

The Unidad de Cazadores Especiales (Unit of Speical Hunters) is a long range reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and surgical strike unit. It is comprable to the British SAS.

Administrative/Technical/Support CorpsEdit


These corps provide all medical services, combat and non-combat, to all personnel of the EEC, as well as all animals owned by the EEC.

  • EEC Cuerpo de la Medicina (Medical Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo Veterinario (Veternary Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de la Odontologi­a (Dental Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de la Psicologi­a (Psychological Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo del Oficio de Enfermera (Nursing Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Servicios Medicos (Medical Services Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Especialistas Medicos (Medical Specialists' Corps)


These corps facilitate the smooth running of the EEC. Some units send personnel to support combat units.

  • EEC Cuerpo de las Finanzas (Financial Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo del Ayudante-General (Adjutant General's Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo del Juzgar-Abogar-General (Judge Advocate General's Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo del Inspector-General (Inspector General's Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de la Educacion (Education Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Capellanes (Chaplains' Corps)

Combat SupportEdit

These corps provide personnel to combat units in order to provide specialist support.

  • EEC Cuerpo del Polici­a Militar (Military Police)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Ingenieros, de Mecanicos y de Electricistas (Engineers, Mechanics and Electricians Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Ingenieros (Engineers' Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de la Inteligencia (Intelligence Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Senales (Signal Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Intendentes (Indentants Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo del Transporte (Transport Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Municiones (Ordnance Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de la Defensa Qui­mica (Chemical Defence Corps)

Combat CorpsEdit

These Corps deal with training combat personnel, evaluating the performance of personnel and systems, developing new systems, evaluation new systems, and developing and evaluating upgrades for older systems.

  • EEC Cuerpo de la Infanteri­a (Infantry Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de la Armadura (Armoured Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de la Aviacion (Aviation Corps)
  • EEC Cuerpo de Artillería (Artillery)

Army EquipmentEdit

The EEC acquires its equipment from a variety of sources, much is also produced domestically.

Small ArmsEdit

[N.B. These small arms are common throughout the Armed Forces]


  • FN High Power 9mm Pistol
  • Glock 17 9mm Pistol (Special Forces)

Submachine GunsEdit

  • Uzi 9mm Sub-Machine Gun
  • L34A1 Sterling 9mm Suppressed Sub-Machine Gun (Special Forces)
  • MP5A5 9mm Sub-Machine Gun (Special Forces)
    • MP5SD6 9mm Suppressed Sub-Machine Gun (Special Forces)
    • MP5K 9mm Sub-Machine Gun (Special Forces)
    • MP5K-PDW 9mm Sub-Machine Gun (Special Forces)
  • MAC-10 .45ACP Sub-Machine Gun (Special Forces)
  • MAC-11 9mm Short Sub-Machine Gun (Special Forces)


  • FN FAL 7.62mm Rifle
  • HK G3 7.62mm Rifle (Special Forces)
  • Galil 5.56mm Rifle
    • Galil SAR 5.56mm Carbine
    • Micro Galil MAR 5.56mm Carbine
  • HK 53 5.56mm Carbine (Special Forces)
  • M4A5 5.56mm Carbine (Special Forces)
  • Colt Commando 5.56mm Carbine (Special Forces)

Machine GunsEdit

  • FN FALO 7.62mm Light Machine Gun
  • L4A1 BREN 7.62mm Light Machine Gun
  • HK21 7.62mm Light Machine Gun (Special Forces)
  • FN Minimi 5.56mm Light Machine Gun
  • FN MAG 7.62mm General-Purpose Machine Gun
  • M2 QCHB 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • M134D 7.62mm Minigun

Sniper RiflesEdit

  • M-21 7.62mm Sniper Rifle
  • M-24 7.62mm Sniper Rifle
  • Galil Sniper 7.62mm Sniper Rifle
  • AI: AS50 12.7mm Sniper Rifle
  • Barrett M82 12.7mm Sniper Rifle

Grenade LaunchersEdit

  • Mk. 19 mod. 3 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • Milkor MGL-140 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • M203 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • M79 40mm Grenade Launcher

Heavy WeaponsEdit

  • RPG-7V/D 40mm Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
  • M72 66mm Rocket Launcher
  • B-300 83mm Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon
  • Carl-Gustav M3 84mm Recoilless Rifle
  • MILAN Anti-Tank Missile
  • Spike-MR Anti-Tank Missile [1]
  • Spike-LR Anti-Tank Missile
  • Spike-SR Light Anti-Armour Missile
  • Matra Mistral Man-Portable SAM


  • Remington 870 12ga. Shotgun



  • TLAP Main Battle Tank (TLAP: Tanque Latinoamericano Pesado, English: Latin American Heavy Tank)
    • VPRT (Vehiculo Pesado Recuperador Tanques) Valeroso Recovery Vehicle
    • VPPI (Vehiculo Pesado Para la Ingenieri­a) Valeroso Armoured Engineering Vehicle
    • VPLP (Vehiculo Pesado Lanza el Puente) Valeroso Armoured Vehicle-Launched Bridge
  • Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank
    • Bergepanzer armoured recovery vehicle
    • Biber bridgelaying engineer vehicle
    • Pionierpanzer 1 armoured engineering vehicle
    • Flakpanzer Gepard
  • TLAN Patagon (modernised SK-105 Kurassier)
  • SK-105 Kurassier
  • TLAM (Tanque Latinoamericano Mediano, Latin American Medium Tank) (see VCTP Family below for TLAM variants)

Reconnaissance VehiclesEdit

  • Cadillac Gage V-150 Commando
  • Panhard AML 90
  • EE-9 Cascavel

Armoured Personnel CarriersEdit

  • TLAM Family
    • VCAT (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate Antitanque) Anti tank vehicle using the Eureka turret to launch TOW missiles
    • VCLM (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate Lanza Misiles) Roland 2 fire unit
    • VCDA (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate de Defensa Aerea) armed air defence vehicle armed with two Oerlikon KBA 25mm cannon
    • VCA 155 (Spanish: Vehiculo Combate Artilleria) Self-propelled artillery [2]
    • VCLC-CAL (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate Lanzacohetes-Cohete de Artilleria Ligero) Multiple Rocket Launcher MAR-160 160mm rockets
    • VCLC-CAM (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate Lanzacohetes-Cohete de Artilleria Mediano) Multiple Rocket Launcher MAR-350 350mm rockets
    • VCTM (Spanish: Vehiculo Combate Transporte Mortero) Self-propelled morter
    • VCI (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate de Ingenieros) Engineering vehicle
    • VCPC (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate Puesto de Comando) Command Post vehicle
    • VCA (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate de Ambulancia) Ambulance
    • VCCDT (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate Control y Direccion de Tiro) Self-propelled artillery Fire direction & control
    • VCA (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate de Amunicionador) Self-propelled artillery ammunition supply vehicle
    • VCRT (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate Recuperador Tanques) Armoured recovery vehicle
    • VCLP (Spanish: Vehiculo de Combate Lanza Puentes) Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
  • M113A2 Armoured Personnel Carrier
    • M577A2 Command Vehicle
    • M548A2 Tracked Load Carrier
    • M125A2 Armoured Mortar Carrier
    • M113A2 TOW Missile Launcher w/Eureka turret
    • M163A2 Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS)
    • M730A2 Chaparral Launch Vehicle
    • M113A2 Combat Engineering Vehicle
    • M579A2 Fitter
    • M806A2 Armoured Recovery Vehicle
  • EE-11 Urutu
    • AMX-13 VCPC command vehicle
    • AMX-VCTB ambulance
    • AMX-VCPM de 81 81mm mortar carrier
  • RG-31 Nyala

Combat Support VehiclesEdit

  • M548 6 ton tracked cargo carrier
  • Armoured HMMWV (Military Police, and other selected units only)
  • M35 Series 2 1/2 ton 6x6 Truck
  • M809 Series 5 ton 6x6 Truck
  • M939 Series 5 ton 6x6 Truck
  • Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) Series 10 ton 8x8 Truck



  • M101 105 mm Howitzer
  • OTO Melara Mod 56 105mm Pack Howitzer
  • CITER 155mm L45 Howitzer
  • CITER 155mm L52 Howitzer
  • VCA (Spanish: Vehiculo Combate Artilleria) 155mm Self Propelled Gun
  • M107 107mm Self Propelled Gun


  • M224 60mm Mortar
  • L16 81mm Mortar
  • Soltam M-65 120mm Mortar

Rocket/Missile ArtilleryEdit

  • Pampero MRL
  • CP-30 MRL
  • MAR-160
  • MAR-350

Air DefenceEdit

  • M61 Vulcan 20mm Cannon
    • M167 Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS)
    • M163A2 Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS)
  • Oerlikon KBA 25mm Cannon
    • VCDA (Spanish: Vehículo de Combate de Defensa Aérea)
  • Oerlikon 35mm Cannon
    • GDF-005
    • Flakpanzer Gepard
  • Matra Mistral
  • MIM-72 Chaparral
    • M730 tracked launcher
    • M54 towed/ground emplaced launcher
  • Roland
    • Roland CAROL
    • M812 5-ton 6x6 Truck
    • VCLM (Spanish: Vehículo de Combate Lanza Misiles)
  • MIM-23 HAWK
    • M-192 Launcher Trailer

Anti-Tank WeaponsEdit

  • Modelo 1968 105mm Recoilless Rifle
  • BGM-71 TOW
    • Eureka Turret
    • M65 TOW aiming system on BO 105
    • HMMWV
  • Spike-SR
  • Spike-MR
  • Spike-LR
  • LAHAT 105mm
  • LAHAT 120mm



  • Aerospatiale SA-313 Alouette II


  • MBB Bo 105
  • Agusta A109 Hirundo
  • McDonnell Douglas MD 500 Defender


  • Bell 206
  • Aerospatiale SA-316 Alouette III
  • Agusta A109 Hirundo
  • MBB Bo 105

Light UtilityEdit

  • Bell UH-1H Iroquois
  • Agusta-Bell AB.212
  • Bell 412

Assault TransportEdit

  • Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma
  • Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk

Heavy Lift CargoEdit

  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook


  • Bell UH-1V Iroquois

Fixed Wing AircraftEdit


  • Cessna U-27 Caravan
  • Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter


  • Grumman OV-1D Mohawk

Aerial Weapon SystemsEdit


  • FN-Herstal M3M 12.7mm Machine Gun
    • HMP-250 gun pod
  • FN MAG 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun
    • ETNA TMP-5 gun pod
  • M134D 7.62mm Minigun


  • Mistral
  • BGM-71 TOW


  • Hydra 70 70mm Unguided Rocket
    • LAU-130/A
    • LAU-131/A


Service UniformsEdit

The EEC's Service and Ceremonial Uniform is of a conventional design, and consists of a grey jacket, trousers, with a white shirt and black tie. In warmer weather the jacket is discarded. For ceremonial occasions, medals are worn, and the standard peaked cap can be replaced with a steel helmet. For summer ceremonial occasions, a white linen jacket is worn over a white shirt and black tie.

Combat UniformsEdit

The EEC's Combat Uniform (which is also the working uniform of the Air Force is the BDU uniform. It comes in two patterns, woodland , and desert.







New Combat UniformsEdit

The BDU uniforms have been in service since the early 1980's, and are being replaced with a modern fractal camouflage uniform.

Woodland DigitalEdit

Merito academico1

Desert DigitalEdit

Rank InsigniaEdit


Enlisted MenEdit

Normal Positions for each rankEdit

Rank Position
Capitan General Chief of the Defence Staff
  • Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
  • Chief of the General Staff
  • Chief of Operations
Teniente General

General Officer Commanding a major command

General de Division Division Commander
General de Brigada Brigade Commander
Coronel Officer Commanding a Regiment
Teniente Coronel Battalion Commanding Officer
  • Company Commander
  • Battalion Adjutant
Capitan Company Executive Officer
Teniente Platoon Leader
Segundo Teniente Platoon Executive Officer
Confederate States of Latin America
General: Confederate States of Latin America, Economy of the ECAL, Justice and Law in the ECAL, President Michelle Bachelet, Presidency
Political: Partido Republicano Constitucional, Partido Laborista Socialista, Partido de la Democracia Cristiana
Military: Fuerzas Armadas, Armada, Ejercito, Fuerza Aerea, Infanteria de Marina, Guardia Nacional
Military Aircraft: FMA SAIAL 90, A-4AL Fightinghawk
Armoured Vehicles: TLAM Medium Tank, TLAP Main Battle Tank
Warships: Ship Profiles, Ardiente and Valeroso class destoyers

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