German Army
Deutsches Heer
Logo of the German Army

Founded November 12, 1955
Motto To protect, help, moderate, and fight
Schützen, helfen, vermitteln, kämpfen
Country Germany
Branch Army
Part of Bundeswehr
Size Approximately 120,000 personnel
Chief of Staff, Army Lieutenant General Werner Freers
Army Badge 100px-Bundeswehr_Heer.jpg
Combat equipment
Tanks Leopard 2
Reconnaissance vehicles Luchs, Fennek
APCs Puma, Marder, Boxer, Fuchs, M113A2
Artillery MARS, PzH 2000,
Air Defence Gepard, Roland, LeFlaSys,
Small Arms
Rifle G36
Machine guns MG4, MG3, M2 QCHB HMG
Pistols P8
Aircraft flown
Attack Helicopter Tiger
Transport Helicopter NH90, CH-53 Sea Stallion
Reconnaissance Bo 105
Utility UH-1, EC 135

The German Army (German: Deutsches Heer, Heer) is the land component of the armed forces of Germany. Traditionally the German military forces have been composed of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force after World War I. It was reinstalled in 1955 as the West German Army and as a part of the newly formed Bundeswehr. In the aftermath of the German reunification of 1990, the National People's Army of the former German Democratic Republic was integrated into the West German Army.


The German Army has significantly downsized since the end of the Cold War, but remains one of the largest armies in Europe. It has powerful units of Panzers and Panzergrenadiers. In 2002 a number of army units and their personnel were transferred to the newly-formed Joint Support Service (Streitkräftebasis) and Joint Medical Service branches.

German Army OfficeEdit

The German Army Office in Cologne (Heeresamt) is the superior authority for all supporting elements of the Army, such as schools and education centres. It is commanded by a Major General, currently MajGen Joachim Clauß

  • NBC Defence and Self-Protection School in Sonthofen
  • Military Police and Headquarters Services School in Sonthofen
  • Artillery School in Idar-Oberstein
  • Three Officer Candidate Battalions in Idar-Oberstein, Munster and Hammelburg
  • Special Operations Training Centre (formerly International Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol School) in Pfullendorf
  • Army Warfighting Simulation Centre in Wildflecken
  • Army Combat Training Centre in Letzlingen
  • Army Aviation School in Bückeburg
  • Training Centre Munster for
    • Army Air Defence
    • Armour
    • Reconnaissance
  • Mountain and Winter Combat School in Mittenwald
  • Infantry School in Hammelburg
  • Airborne Operations and Air Transport School in Altenstadt
  • Army Officers' Academy in Dresden with Army Tactics Centre
  • Army NCO Academies (three at different locations)
  • Engineer School and Army School of Structural Engineering in Ingolstadt (formerly in Munich)
  • Army Maintenance School and Army School of Engineering in Aachen


  • 40px-1._PzDiv.svg.png Division Intervention Forces/1st Panzer Division (Hannover)
    • Divisional Troops
    • 9th Panzer Brigade
    • 18th Panzer Brigade
    • 21st Panzer Brigade "Lipperland"
  • 40px-10._PzDiv.png 10th Panzer Division (Sigmaringen)
    • Divisional Troops
    • 12th Panzer Brigade "Oberpfalz"
    • 28th Panzer Brigade "Dornstadt"
    • 14th Panzer Grenadier Brigade
  • Verbandsabzeichen der 2. Panzergrenadierdivision der Bundeswehr 2nd Panzergrenadier Division
    • Divisional Troops
    • 6th Panzer Brigade "Hofgeismar"
    • 4th Panzer Grenadier Brigade "Göttingen"
    • 5th Panzer Grenadier Brigade "Homberg"
  • 40px-Wappen_13._Panzergrenadierdivision.png 13th Panzer Grenadier Division (Leipzig)
    • Divisional Troops
    • 37th Panzer Grenadier Brigade "Freistaat Sachsen"
    • 40th Panzer Grenadier Brigade "Schwerin"
    • 41st Panzer Grenadier Brigade "Vorpommern"
  • 100px-Aermelabzeichen1GD 1 Gebirgsjäger Division
    • 22nd Panzer Grenadier Brigade "Murnau"
    • 19th Gebirgsjäger Brigade "Münsterland"
    • 23rd Gebirgsjäger Brigade "Bad Reichenhall"
  • 40px-DSO.png Special Operations Division (Regensburg)
    • Divisional Troops
    • Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) (brigade-equivalent)
    • 26th Fallschirmjäger Brigade "Saarland"
    • 21st Fallschirmjäger Brigade "Oldenburg"
  • 40px-DLO.svg.png Airmobile Operations Division (Veitshöchheim)
    • Divisional troops
    • 1st Airmobile Brigade "Fritzlar"
    • 25th Air Landed Brigade "Schwarzwald"
    • 31st Air Landed Brigade "Oldenburg"
    • Army Combat Support Brigade
  • 40px-4f9f1f3c18.png Eurocorps
  • 40px-D-N-Corps_tb.jpg 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps (Münster)
  • 40px-MNC_NE.png Multinational Corps North East (Stettin)
  • 40px-DF-Brig%2C_Coat_of_arms.svg.png Franco-German Brigade (Müllheim)
  • 40px-LZLgr_Gerät_Herongen.jpg Army Central Dump Herongen
  • 40px-LZLgr_Gerät_Pirmasens.jpg Army Central Dump Pirmasens
  • 40px-ZMobStp_Brück-Neuseddin.jpg Central Mobilisation Base in Brück



Walther P1 pistol, modern version of the NS-era P38


MP2 Submachine Gun, the German version of the Uzi

400px-MP5A3 StockCollapsed

The world-famous MP5 used by the KSK, and GSG9


HK G36 rifle, standard rifle of the Bundeswehr


HK G3 rifle, former standard rifle of the Bundeswehr

400px-MG 3

MG3 GPMG, rate of fire: 1200 rpm


The Panzerfaust 3


Germany's current Panzer, the Leopard 2


Pionierpanzer 3 Kodiak

Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F073485-0009, Manöver, Flak-Panzer Gepard

Flakpanzer Gepard

Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F073468-0023, Manöver, Spähpanzer Luchs

Spähpanzer Luchs Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle

800px-Bundeswehr Fennek of the Provincial Reconstruction Team Feyzabad

Fennek on patrol in Afghanistan

Bw rakjpz jaguar2-004

Raketenjagdpanzer Jaguar 2 armed with the TOW missile

800px-SPz Puma Mobilitätsversuchfahrzeug VS2

The new Puma IFV


Marder 1A3


Boxer APC testing in Australia

800px-TPz Fuchs Bundeswehr 2

Transportpanzer Fuchs

MTW M113 Klaus Schneider

M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Dingo StFw Marx

Dingo Armoured Personnel Carrier in Afghanistan

Panzerhaubitze 2000 Katharina Winkler

PzH 2000 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

Bw rakwrf mars-0321

MARS Multiple Rocket Launcher

Bild1 600px

Fliegerfaust 2 team taking aim

Marder roland air defence anti-aircraft tracked armoured vehicle German Army Germany 003

Roland Surface to Air Missile System

HFw Bannert

Eurocopter Tiger UHT

Winkler ILÜ SÜD (191)

UH-1D Iroquois

BO 105 Klaus Schneider

MBB Bo 105s in the anti-tank role

Bannert ILA2008 (43)

NH90 TTH, replacement for the UH-1D

Bannert ILA (826)

CH-53G Sea Stallion

Small ArmsEdit


  • Walther P1 9mm Pistol (being phased out)
  • Heckler & Koch P11 7.62 x 36 mm Underwater Pistol (KSK and Kampfschwimmer)
  • Heckler & Koch P8 9mm Pistol
  • Heckler & Koch P12 0.45 cal Pistol (USP Tactical, KSK and Kampfschwimmer)

Submachine GunsEdit

  • FN MP2 9mm Submachine Gun (Uzi)
  • HK MP5 9mm Submachine Gun (Feldjäger, KSK and Kampfschwimmer)
  • HK MP7 4.7mm Submachine Gun


  • HK G36 5.56mm Rifle
    • HK G36K 5.56mm Carbine
    • HK G36C 5.56mm Carbine
  • HK G3 7.62mm Rifle (Reserve)
    • HK G3SG/1 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle
    • HK G8 7.62mm Rifle (KSK and Kampfschwimmer only)

Machine GunsEdit

  • HK MG4 5.56mm Light Machine Gun
  • Rheinmetall MG3 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun
  • General Electric M134 Minigun 7.62mm Minigun
  • FN MG50 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • Browning M3M 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun (Heeresflieger)

Sniper RiflesEdit

  • Accuracy International G22 7.62 x 66.5mm Sniper Rifle (AI AWM)
  • Barrett G82 12.7mm Sniper Rifle (M82)
  • Accuracy International G24 12.7mm Sniper Rifle (AI AW50, KSK and Kampfschwimmer)
  • Accuracy Internationa HK SL9SD 7.62mm Sniper Rifle (KSK)

Support WeaponsEdit

  • HK Granatpistole 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • HK AG36 40mm Grenade Launcher (mounted on the G36 rifle)
  • HK GMG 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • Dynamit Nobel Panzerfaust 3 Anti-Armour Rocket Launcher
  • Carl Gustav 84mm Recoilless Rifle
  • Euromissile MILAN Anti-Tank Missile
  • Raytheon Fliegerfaust 2 (FIM-92 Stinger) Surface to Air Missile
  • Remington 870 12 Gauge shotgun (Feldjäger and special forces)

Armoured VehiclesEdit


  • Leopard 2
    • Leopard 2A4 (being phased out)
    • Leopard 2A5
    • Leopard 2A6
    • Bergepanzer 3 Büffel Armoured Recovery Vehicle
    • Panzerschnellbrücke 2 Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
    • Pionierpanzer 3 Kodiak Armoured Engineering Vehicle
    • Fahrschulpanzer (Driver Training Tank)
  • Leopard 1 (combat tank retired, variants only in service)
    • Flakpanzer Gepard
    • Keiler Mine Clearing System
    • Pionierpanzer 2 Dachs Armoured Engineering Vehicle
    • Biber Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge

Reconnaissance Vehicles/Weapon CarriersEdit

  • Spähpanzer Luchs Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • LGS Fennek Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • Wiesel 1
    • Wiesel 1 Aufklärung (Reconnaissance)
    • Wiesel 1 MK20 (20mm Cannon)
    • Wiesel 1 ATM TOW (Tank Destroyer)
    • Wiesel 1 ATM TOW Resupply
  • Wiesel 2
    • Wiesel 2 Ozelot (LeFlaSys Stinger Launch Vehicle)
    • Wiesel 2 AFF (LeFlaSys Radar)
    • Wiesel 2 BF/UF (LeFlaSys Command)
    • Wiesel 2 120mm mortar
    • Wiesel 2 APC
    • Wiesel 2 Command
    • Wiesel 2 Carrier
    • Wiesel 2 Pioneer (Combat Engineer Reconnaissance)
  • Raketenjagdpanzer Jaguar 1
  • Raketenjagdpanzer Jaguar 2

Armoured Personnel CarriersEdit

  • Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Marder 1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    • Roland Surface to Air Missile System
  • GTK Boxer
    • Armoured Personnel Carrier
    • 120mm Mortar Carrier
    • Ambulance
    • Command Vehicle
    • Logistics
    • Armoured Recovery
  • Transportpanzer Fuchs
    • Fuchs Armoured Personnel Carrier
    • Fuchs PzAbwWa MILAN ATGW Carrier
    • Fuchs PzPiGrp Armoured Engineering Vehicle
    • Fuchs Krankentransport Ambulance
    • Fuchs Funk Signals Vehicle
    • Fuchs FüFu Command and Signals Vehicle
    • Fuchs ABC Spurpanzer NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle
    • Fuchs Eloka Hummel Electronic Warfare Vehicle
    • Fuchs EOD-EinsFz EOD Vehicle
    • Fuchs Helas Elo-Aufklärung Electronic Reconnaissance Vehicle
    • Fuchs RASIT Radar Carrier
  • M113A2 GE Armoured Personnel Carrier
    • M1064A2 GE Panzermörser (120mm Mortar Carrier)
    • M577A2 GE Führungs- und Funkpanzer (Signals and Command Vehicle)
    • M113A2 GE Krankenwagen (Ambulance)
    • M113A2 GE Schreibfunktrupppanzer (Signals Vehicle)
    • M113A2 GE Beobachtungspanzer Artillerie (Artillery Observation Vehicle)
    • M113A2 GE Feuerleitpanzer Artillerie (Artillery Fire Direction Centre)
    • M113A2 GE Feuerleitpanzer Mörser (Mortar Fire Direction Centre)
    • M113A2 GE ABRA Radar Carrier
    • M113A2 GE Green Archer Radar Carrier
    • M113A2 GE Trägerfahrzeug Rechner-Verbund Artillerie (Artillery Computer Vehicle)
    • M113A2 GE Führungs-Feuerleitstelle (Artillery Fire Direction Centre for PzH 2000)
    • M113A2 GE Trägerfahrzeug Richtfunk Multiplex (Direction Finder Carrier)
    • M113A2 GE Fahrschulpanzer (Driver trainer)
    • M113A2 GE Fliegerleitpanzer (FAC Vehicle)
    • M548A2 GE Logistics Vehicle
    • M548A2 GE Skorpion Mine Carrier

Armoured Transport VehiclesEdit

  • Mungo ESK
  • YAK [1]
  • Bandvagn 206

Armoured Patrol VehiclesEdit

  • KMW Grizzly
  • ATF Dingo
    • Dingo 1
    • Dingo 2
  • MOWAG Eagle
  • LAPV Enok


Self-Propelled ArtilleryEdit

  • PzH 2000 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
  • MARS Multiple Launch Rocket System [2]

Towed ArtilleryEdit

  • FH155-1 155mm Howitzer [3]


  • Brandt MO-81-61-L 81mm Mortar
  • Tampella M65 120mm Mortar
  • Soltam M65 120mm Mortar

Anti-Tank WeaponsEdit

  • Hughes BGM-71D/E/F TOW

Air Defence WeaponsEdit

  • Raytheon Fliegerfaust 2 (FIM-92 Stinger)
  • LeFlaSys
    • Wiesel 2 Ozelot (LeFlaSys Stinger Launch Vehicle)
    • Wiesel 2 AFF (LeFlaSys Radar)
    • Wiesel 2 BF/UF (LeFlaSys Command)
  • Flakpanzer Gepard 1
  • Flugabwehrraketenpanzer Roland


Attack HelicopterEdit

  • Eurocopter Tiger UHT

Utility HelicopterEdit

  • Bell UH-1D Iroquois
  • Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105
  • Eurocopter EC 135

Transport HelicopterEdit

  • NHI NH90 TTH
  • Sikorsky CH-53GS Sea Stallion


  • EMT Luna X 2000
  • EMT Aladin
  • Rheinmetall KZO
  • EMT Mikado
  • EMT Fancopter
  • Schiebel Camcopter S-100

Support VehiclesEdit

  • KTM LC4 Military 27 PS, motorcycle
  • ATV Yamaha Kodiak 400, Quad
  • Mercedes-Benz G-class Wolf LKW leicht
  • Mercedes Benz Unimog LKW 2t mil gl, 4x4
  • MAN N4510 LKW 5t mil gl
  • MAN N4550 LKW 7t mil gl
  • MAN N4540 LKW 10t mil gl
  • MAN 36.460VFAEG LKW 15t mil gl MULTI
  • Faun SLT Elefant tank transporter
  • Berge- und Kranfahrzeug, BKF 30.40 (salvage vehicle)
  • Snowmobile Ski-Doo
  • Liebherr Fahrzeugkran leicht (FKL)
  • Liebherr Fahrzeugkran mittel (FKM)

Engineering VehiclesEdit

  • Panzerschnellbrücke 2 Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
  • Biber Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
  • Bergepanzer 3 Büffel Armoured Recovery Vehicle
  • Bergepanzer 2 Armoured Recovery Vehicle
  • Pionierpanzer 3 Kodiak Armoured Engineering Vehicle
  • Pionierpanzer 2 Dachs Armoured Engineering Vehicle
  • M3 Amphibious Rig
  • Skorpion Mine Layer
  • Keiler Mine Clearing System
  • Medium Girder Bridge
  • Faltfestbrücke (solid bridge system)
  • Faltschwimmbrücke (swimming bridge system)
  • Pontoon bridge
  • Faltstraßensystem (mobile roadway system)
  • Motorboot 3


Service UniformEdit

This traditional German uniform is worn for parades, and by Heer personnel employed in administrative duties.
Heer Service Uniform

Combat UnformsEdit


This is the primary working and fighting uniform of the Heer.


This uniform is based on the standard Flecktarn uniform and is used in tropical and desert areas, most notably in Afghanistan.

Panzer OverallsEdit

These are issued to the crews of armoured vehicles including Panzers, Reconnaissance Vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers, and Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

Rank InsigniaEdit


Enlisted MenEdit

Branch InsigniaEdit

Kragenspiegel are collar tabs worn traditionally by German soldiers. In the modern Deutsches Heer, they are used to denote the branch of the Army to which a soldier belongs.

Kragenspiegel Branch
68px-Kragenspiegel_Infanterie_Bw.gif Infantry (including special forces and Panzer Grenadiers)
68px-Kragenspiegel_Panzertruppe_Bw.gif Panzer troops
68px-Kragenspiegel_Artillerietruppe_Bw.gif Artillery
68px-Kragenspiegel_Heeresfliegertruppe_Bw.gif Heeresflieger troops
68px-Kragenspiegel_Heeresfllugabwehrtruppe_Bw.gif Flak troops
68px-Kragenspiegel_Pioniertruppe_Bw.gif Engineers
68px-Kragenspiegel_ABC-Abwehrtruppe_Bw.gif Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Troops
68px-Kragenspiegel_Fernmeldetruppe_Bw.gif Signals Troops
68px-Kragenspiegel_Heereslogistiktruppe_Bw.gif Logistics Troops
68px-Kragenspiegel_Sanitätstruppe_Bw.gif Medical Troops
68px-Kragenspiegel_Militärmusikdienst_Bw.gif Band Troops
Germany-army-collar 10 Military Police Generals
400px-Bundeswehr Kreuz Black.svg Bundeswehr
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