German Navy
Deutsche Marine

The German Naval Ensign

Founded 1956 (West Germany)
1990 (Germany)
Country Germany
Branch Navy
Part of Bundeswehr
Naval Headquarters Bonn
Size 100 ships, 170 aircraft, about 25,000 personnel
Chief of Staff, Marine Vice Admiral Axel Schimpf
Navy Logo
Ship classes
Frigates Sachsen class, Brandenburg class, Bremen class
Corvettes Braunschweig class
E-Boats Gepard class
U-Boats Type 212, Type 206
Amphibious ships Barbe class
Auxiliaries Berlin class
Aircraft flown
Maritime Strike Panavia Tornado IDS
Maritime Patrol P-3C Orion, Dassault Atlantic, Dornier Do-228
ASW Helicopter Westland Sea Lynx Mk 88
Utility Helicopter Westland Sea King Mk 41

The German Navy (Deutsche Marine) is the navy of Germany and part of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces).

The German Navy traces its roots back to the Imperial Fleet (Reichsflotte) of the revolutionary era of 1848–1852 and more directly to the Prussian Navy, which later evolved into the Northern German Federal Navy (Norddeutsche Bundesmarine, 1866–1871) and became the Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine, 1872–1918). From 1919 to 1921 it was known as the Temporary Imperial Navy (Vorläufige Reichsmarine) and then became the Reichsmarine. It was known as the War Navy (Kriegsmarine) from 1935 to 1945. From 1945 to 1956, the German Mine Sweeping Administration and its successor organisations, made up of former members of the Kriegsmarine, became something of a transition stage for the German Navy, allowing the future Bundesmarine to draw on experienced personnel upon its formation. In 1956, with West Germany's accession to NATO, a new navy was established and was referred to as the Federal Navy (Bundesmarine). With the reunification of Germany in 1990, and the take-over of units of the former East German Volksmarine ("People's Navy"), it was decided to simply use the name Deutsche Marine ("German Navy").

In total, there are 50 commissioned ships in the German Navy, excluding the 10 submarines and 43 auxiliary ships.


The German Navy is commanded by the Inspekteur der Marine in the Federal Ministry of Defence in Bonn. The major commands are the Fleet Command at Glücksburg near Flensburg and the Naval Office at Rostock. The Fleet is commanded by the Befehlshaber der Flotte (Commander-in-Chief German Fleet or CINCGERFLEET) and comprises all combat vessels, aircraft, helicopters and other combat forces, while schools, naval bases and test installations are under the purview of the Naval Office. The strength of the Navy is about 17,000 men and women.

The navy as a part of the Bundeswehr is responsible for developing and providing the maritime capabilities of the German armed forces. Therefore it is operating a number of development and testing installations as part of an inter-service and international network.

The FleetEdit

  • Fleet Command (Flottenkommando), Glücksburg
    • 1st Flotilla (Einsatzflottille 1), Kiel
      • HQ 1st Flotilla
        • Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW)
      • 1st Corvette Squadron (1. Korvettengeschwader), Warnemünde
      • 1st U-Boat Squadron (1. Unterseebootgeschwader), Eckernförde
      • U-Boat Training Centre (Ausbildungszentrum Unterseeboote), Eckernförde
      • 3rd Mine Countermeasures Squadron (3. Minensuchgeschwader), Kiel
      • 7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron (7. Schnellbootgeschwader), Warnemünde
      • 5th Mine Countermeasures Squadron (5. Minensuchgeschwader), Kiel
      • Force Protection Group, (Marineschutzkräfte), Eckernförde
        • HQ
        • 3x Force Protection companies (Marinesicherungskompanie)
        • HUMINT platoon (Feldnachrichtenzug)
      • Special Warfare Group, (Spezialisierte Einsatzkräfte Marine), Eckernförde
        • HQ
        • Combat Diver Company (Kampfschwimmerkompanie)
        • Mine Clearance Diver Company (mine countermeasures and explosive ordnance disposal; Minentaucherkompanie)
        • Boarding company
        • Training Company (Ausbildungsinspektion)
    • 2nd Flotilla (Einsatzflottille 2), Wilhelmshaven
      • HQ 2nd Flotilla
      • 2nd Frigate Squadron (2. Fregattengeschwader), Wilhelmshaven
      • 4th Frigate Squadron (4. Fregattengeschwader), Wilhelmshaven
      • Auxiliary Squadron (Trossgeschwader), Wilhelmshaven/Kiel
    • Naval Air Flotilla (Flottille der Marineflieger)
      • Naval Air Wing 1 (Marinefliegergeschwader 1), Schleswig-Jagel (Tornado IDS)
      • Naval Air Wing 2 (Marinefliegergeschwader 2), Tarp-Eggebek (Tornado IDS)
      • Naval Air Wing 3 (Marinefliegergeschwader 3), Nordholz (Do-228, P-3C, Atlantic, Lynx)
      • Naval Air Wing 5 (Marinefliegergeschwader 5), Kiel (Sea King)
    • Naval Medical Institute (Schiffahrtsmedizinisches Institut), Kiel (responsible especially for diving medicine)

Naval OfficeEdit

  • Naval Office (Marineamt), Rostock
    • Department for Development of the Navy, Bremerhaven
    • Navy Schools (Admiral Naval Training)
      • Naval Academy (Marineschule Mürwik), Flensburg-Mürwik
      • Petty Officer School (Marineunteroffiziersschule), Plön
      • Engineering School (Marinetechnikschule), Parow, near Stralsund
        • Damage Control Training Centre (Ausbildungszentrum für Schiffssicherung), Neustadt in Holstein
      • Naval Operations School (Marineoperationsschule), Bremerhaven
    • Supporting Installations (Admiral Naval Logistics)
      • Naval Base Command (Marinestützpunktkommando) Wilhelmshaven
      • Naval Base Command (Marinestützpunktkommando) Eckernförde
      • Naval Base Command (Marinestützpunktkommando) Kiel
      • Naval Base Command (Marinestützpunktkommando) Warnemünde
      • Naval Service Test Command (Kommando Truppenversuche der Marine), Eckernförde
      • Naval Command & Control Systems Command (Kommando Marineführungssysteme), Wilhelmshaven

Ships of the FleetEdit

Ship profiles

Surface CombatantsEdit

  • 4 F124 Sachsen class Guided Missile Frigates
  • 4 F123 Brandenburg class Frigates
  • 8 F122 Bremen class Frigates
  • 2 K130 Braunschweig class Corvettes
800px-F221 Hessen-Kieler Woche 2007

FGS Hessen, an F124 Sachsen class FFG

800px-German frigate FGS Bayern F217

FGS Bayern (Bavaria), an F123 Brandenburg class Frigate

800px-Niedersachsen F208

FGS Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), an F122 Bremen class Frigate, similar to the Dutch Kortenaer class


A K130 Braunschweig class Corvette

Small CraftEdit

  • 10 Gepard class Fast Attack Craft
  • 10 Albatros class Fast Attack Craft
  • 5 Ensdorf class Minesweepers
  • 5 Kulmbach class Mine Hunters
  • 9 Frankenthal class Mine Hunters
  • 1 Clearance Diver Support Vessel M 1061 Rottweil

Gepard class E-Boat

800px-S 64 Bussard (P6114).JPEG

Albatros class E-Boat

800px-Minenjagdboot Grömitz.JPG

Frankenthal class Mine Hunter


  • 12 Type 206 U-Boats
  • 4 Type 212 U-Boats
800px-U-Boot U31.JPG

U31, a Type 212 U-Boat

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2008-0208, Uboot U 18 (S 197)

U17, a Type 206 U-Boat


  • 2 Barbe class Utility Landing Craft
  • 2 Berlin class Replenishment Ships
  • 2 Walchensee class Fleet Oilers
  • 2 Rhön class Fleet Oilers
  • 6 Elbe class Tenders
  • 3 Oste class Intelligence Ships
  • 2 Wangerooge class Ocean-Going Tugs
  • 1 Fehmarn class Ocean-Going Tug
  • 1 Westerwald class Ammunition Transport
  • 1 Gorch Fock class Sail Training Ship
  • 1 Eisvogel class Icebreaker
EGV Berlin.JPG

Berlin class Replenishment Ship


Rhön class Fleet Oiler (Rhine class)






Service Entry

In service


Panavia Tornado 22px-Flag_of_Europe.svg.png European Union Maritime Strike/Interdiction PA-200 Tornado IDS 1982 112 Primary armament: AS.34 Kormoran anti-ship missile
Lockheed P-3 Orion 22px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg.png United States Maritime patrol/ASW P-3C 2003 8 Former Royal Netherlands Navy aircraft
Dornier Do-228 22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Germany Pollution Control Do-228 1990 4 Also used for transport
Breguet Atlantic 22px-Flag_of_France.svg.png France Electronic intelligence Br. 1150 1965 3 Formerly used for maritime patrol
Westland Sea Lynx 22px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png United Kingdom Anti-submarine helicopter Super Sea Lynx Mk. 88A 1981 21 Armed with the Sea Skua missile
Westland Sea King 22px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png United Kingdom Naval helicopter Sea King Mk. 41 1974 22 Primarily tasked with search and rescue.

Marineflieger Tornado IDS


Marineflieger Tornado in the current camouflage


Marineflieger Tornado firing an MBB AS.34 Kormoran missile

NO P-3C 60+05 small

P-3C Orion of the Marineflieger

Dornier Do 28 Pollution Control

Do-228 pollution control aircraft


The Atlantic, a veteran of 45 years service


The Sea Lynx, the Deutsche Marine's shipboard helicopter


Sea King search and rescue helicopter in an MFG5 30th Anniversary colour scheme

Rank InsigniaEdit



400px-Bundeswehr Kreuz Black.svg Bundeswehr
Heer Logo Heer Luftwaffe Logo Luftwaffe Marine Logo Marine
Sanitätsdienst Logo Sanitätsdienst Streitkräftebasis Logo Streitkräftebasis

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