Christof Wurmheller
Chancellor of Germany
Christof Wurmheller

Term of office
22 November 2005 - present

Political party Free Democratic Party of Germany

Preceded by Gerhard Schröder

Succeeded by Incumbent

Vice Chancellor Angela Merkel

Born 18 January 1950 (age 60)

Spouse Deborah Wurmheller (née Smith)

Profession Military officer, politician

Religion Catholic

Languages German, English, French

Other positions
  • Leader of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (2002- )
  • Federal Minister of Defence (1996-98)
  • Member of the Bundestag (1994- )

Christof Wurmheller is the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. He leads the Free Democratic Party of Germany in coalition with the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union. He has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005, and his party has dominated the governing coalition since 2009. Wurmheller is a former Tornado pilot of the Luftwaffe.

Early LifeEdit

Christof Wurmheller was born in Munich in the State of Bavaria in 1950. Wurmheller 'inherited' an interest in aviation from his father who worked for Lufthansa and was a member of the Luftwaffe during World War II. While young, he formed his political ideas, particularly a belief in keeping the common man free. To combine his interest in aviation and his political beliefs, he joined the Bundeswehr in 1968.

Military CareerEdit

Wurmheller was commissioned as a Leutnant in the Luftwaffe in 1970, and was sent to the United States to learn to fly the F-104G Starfighter. During his service with the Luftwaffe he rose to the rank of Oberstleutnant. In addition to the Starfighter, Wurmheller flew the F-4F Phantom, and the Tornado IDS. He left the Bundeswehr for a political career in 1991.

Political CareerEdit

Unlike most Bavarian politicians, Wurmheller joined the Free Democratic Party in 1991. He also did consulting work for Daimler-Benz Aerospace. Wurmheller was elected to the Bundestag in 1994. In 1996, he was appointed Federal Minister of Defence during which time he played an important role in NATO enlargement. After the 1998 Federal election, Wurmheller moved into opposition.