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The Battle class destroyers are general purpose escort ships in the Royal Australian Navy, designed to provide anti-air defence, anti-surface defence, and anti-submarine defence to Australian and allied warships, and merchant convoys in wartime. They can also fulfill a ocean patrol function. The Battle class are named after famous Australian battles. They are based on the Spanish F100 AEGIS frigate.

  • HMAS Gallipoli
  • HMAS Long Tan
  • HMAS Coral Sea
  • NUSHIP Monte Cassino (building)
  • Kokoda (planned)
  • Kapyong (planned)


Displacement 7,000 tonnes
Length 146.7
Machinery CODOG
  • 2 General Electric LM2500 gas turbines
  • 2 Caterpillar 3600 diesel engines
Speed Over 28 knots (52 km/h; 32 mph)
  • One 5 inch (127mm/L62) Mk-45 Mod 4 (lightweight gun)
  • One 20mm Phalanx CIWS
  • 8 RGM-84 Harpoons in 2 quad launchers
  • 1 48-Cell Mk 41 VLS system
    • BGM-109 Tomahawk
    • Standard Missiles
    • VL-ASROC
    • Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile
  • 2 Mk 32 Triple Torpedo Tubes for Mk 46/MU90 Torpedoes
  • 2 RAFAEL Typhoons with 25mm Bushmaster cannon
  • Mountings for 7.62mm MAG 58 GPMG or FN M2HB-QCB Heavy Machine Guns
Aircraft 1 S-70B-2 Seahawk or S-70B-9 Seahawk

Ship ProfileEdit

Battle class profile
Profile of the Battle class Destroyer

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