The British Empire's Armed Forces are the strongest in the world. The British Empire's defence rests primarily on the Royal Navy. Its forces of super carriers, battleships and nuclear missile armed submarines are the sword and shield of the Empire. The Empire's military forces consist of the British Armed Forces, the Armed Forces of the Dominions, the Imperial Indian Armed Forces, the locally-raised forces of the colonies. British forces are deployed throughout the Empire.

The commander in chief of all the British Empire's armed forces is Her Majesty the Queen. Day to day control is vested in the Prime Minister, and the Defence Secretary. The colonial forces are controlled by the Colonial Secretary. Indian forces are controlled by the India Secretary. Dominion forces are controlled by their own Ministers of Defence. In time of war, Dominion forces usually fall under the command of Britain under an Imperial War Cabinet.

Equipment between the armed forces of the Empire is common across all of the Empire. There is rarely local difference. Occasionally, the equipment in question might not even be British. The Indian HAL Dhruv is being adopted by the British Army and Royal Marines as a utility/scout helicopter.

The defence of most colonies rests of local forces and some permanent British forces. This is backed up by reinforcements from the UK. It is believed that in the development of a crisis, the opportunity will exist to introduce British and Dominion forces to a theatre.