The following images are profiles of warships currently in service with the Armada del los Estados Confederados. They are among the most powerful warships afloat.

Aircraft CarriersEdit

Independencia-class Aircraft CarrierEdit


General Belgrano class CruiserEdit

Almirante Grau class CruiserEdit


Almirante Brown-class DestroyerEdit

Hercules-class Guided Missile DestroyerEdit

Batch 2Edit

Batch 1Edit

Ardiente class Guided Missile DestroyerEdit

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Valeroso class Guided Missile DestroyerEdit

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Almirante Cochrane class FrigateEdit

Almirante Williams class FrigateEdit

Batch 2Edit

Batch 1Edit

Espora class Patrol CorvetteEdit

Emseraldas class Patrol CorvetteEdit

Aguirre class FrigateEdit


Scorpene class submarine (SSK)Edit

Type 209 Submarine (SSK)Edit

Amphibious ShipsEdit

Colossus class Landing Port HelicopterEdit

Ouragan class Landing Port DockEdit

Newport class Tank Landing ShipEdit

DeSoto County class Tank Landing ShipEdit

BATRAL class Tank Landing ShipEdit

Landing CraftEdit

Small CombatantsEdit

Intrepida-class Fast Attack CraftEdit

Baradero-class Patrol BoatsEdit

PCG-139-class Coastal Patrol BoatsEdit

Lerici class Mine Countermeasures ShipEdit


Patagonia class Replinishment OilerEdit


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